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NeOse™: Creating an Electronic Description of WHAT YOU SMELL?

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19 Août 2016

Exploring Science in Grenoble with the second edition of the GIANT review.The GIANT campus was founded on the principle that innovation requires collaboration. In this edition, you will discover our researchers' latest discoveries and success stories : Carole Bernard, Christophe Haon, David Gotteland and Federico Pigni. Focus on the work of Vincent Mangematin on anosmia .

Nearly 10% of the world population is believed to suffer from olfactory disorders. Whether it is the inability to detect odors or an altered sense of smell, olfactory disorders can lead to depression and desocialization. In response, Aryballe Technologies has been working with Grenoble Ecole de Management researchers to launch NeOseTM, a portable odor detection device.

Aryballe Technologies and Vincent Mangematin, head of research at Grenoble Ecole de Management, have been working together to launch this new technology. "Anosmia, or the inability to detect odors, has yet to be formally recognized as a disability. One of our primary objectives is to organize the process through which governing authorities will recognize olfactory disorders. We have a technology, a startup and potential markets, but there is also
a crucial societal contribution.
" says Mangematin.

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