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Food and Nostalgia : which link ?

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30 Mars 2016

In the latest 11th GEM LAB Executive Summaries Jannine Lasaleta, assistant professor, spoke us about the Nostalgia which makes consumers more likely to spend or donate money, related about her expertise in consumer behavior.

In this way, she was one of the guests invited on the BBC Radio on March 26th, 2016 to speak about Food and Nostalgia.

Manuela Saragosa explores the power food has to evoke memory and how memory impacts the food we eat. Jamie Oliver’s mentor – Italian chef Gennaro Contaldo – cooks up a batch of his most nostalgic dish, his mama’s pasta, and tell us why he prepares it when he is feeling down. A neurologist explains why food and smells have such a powerful impact on our brains. And, find out why ‘brand nostalgia’ is a marketing dream when it comes to getting people to part with their cash.

From Tokyo to Moscow via Nairobi we hear stories about your favourite comfort foods and meet the company using nostalgia to help people with dementia regain their appetites. Finally, we travel down under to find out why a humble collection of children’s birthday cake recipes has been dubbed ‘the greatest Australian book ever published.’


  • Gennaro Contaldo: Chef
  • Dr Alan Hirsch: Smell and Taste Research and Treatment Foundation, Chicago
  • Vivienne Nunis: BBC
  • Jannine Lasaleta: Grenoble Ecole de  Management
  • Lizzie Ostrom: Ode Food Fragrances

 Listen the podcast here 

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