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How to Understand Managers, Researchers, and Chocolate-Chip Cookies

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01 Février 2016

This month Greg Molecke and Sanchayan Sengupta, both PhD full-time students at Grenoble Ecole de Management share their thoughts on what managers can learn from researchers and how to make cookies.

Why are we talking about chocolate chip cookies?

Well, as current PhD students we had been asked to talk to a DBA program filled with successful businesspeople about how to begin doing academic research. Being managers for many years ourselves, a big challenge was how to describe how our thinking and strategies had changed between the world of research and the world of business. How are the two activities different? How do they interrelate with each other? In a lot of ways the difference between thinking like a manager and a researcher is a lot like the two different approaches to attaining mastery of chocolate chip cookies.

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