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GEMNext Conference: How robots influence (or not) our emotions and decision making ?

[23] [nov 2021] [ 18:00]

What are the societal and organizational challenges of the future? What are the emerging topics that will be in the news tomorrow? GEM teachers offer you fresh perspectives every month through a series of interactive conferences accessible to all: students, parents, staff, graduates, partners, companies, etc.

Robots are no longer mere industrial machines performing high-precision tasks. We see human-like robots also popping up in domains where they interact with customers or employees. Such social robots have benefitted greatly from the progress made in artificial intelligence (AI) and  offer new opportunities for users and organizations alike. However, they also generate fear as it remains unclear what effects these super-intelligent machines have on our emotions and decision behavior. In my talk, I will shed some light onto the common reactions humans have towards social robots and outline what the future might hold for us.

Isabella Seeber

Isabella Seeber is an Associate Professor at the Department of Management, Technology and Strategy at the Grenoble Ecole de Management. Since 2013, she holds a doctorate degree from the University of Innsbruck, Austria. Isabella’s research focuses on AI-enabled conversational agents in team collaboration, team- and crowd-based innovation, digital nudging, and Collaboration Engineering. She also successfully acquired external funding for her research projects (FWF-P 29765, FWF-J 3735). Her research has appeared in journals such as Journal of Management Information Systems, Decision Support Systems, Computers in Human Behavior, Information & Management, or Group Decision and

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