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Zhaoyang Liu

Diplômé DBA - 2015

Titre de thèse

The Impact of Quality cost ratio on competitiveness : a comparison between foreign and local investment in China automotive industry


Xinchun Louvier-Externe

Dr. Zhaoyang LIU holds double master degrees in commerce from UNSW, Australia, and in management from China. He had worked for Robert Bosch as quality engineer and then became auditor of the  International Automotive Industry Force (IATF). His passion is to coach the Clients, especially in the automotive Industry, to promote sustainability with a quality approach. He joined DQS in Hongkong after his DBA graduation. In his spare time, he is an active moderator and director of the Family First Foundation (FFF).

The theory of strategic quality planning, process management, Total Quality Management (TQM), the organization learning curve, and quality costs were used to gain insight into how company competitiveness is achieved through the strategic quality management approach to the structure of quality costs and the relationship with profit and competitiveness in the automotive industry of China. A model of competitiveness by the strategic quality planning approach was designed, that focused on the customer, set up a business plan by top management, planned and controlled the processes, and finally, reduced the cost of poor quality. Research samples were gathered from companies in the Chinese automotive parts industry. Using aggression analysis, the findings suggest that companies that focused on specific customer requirements, and quality preventive costs, were rewarded with lower overall quality costs and were more competitive. Key words: Strategy quality planning, process management, cost of quality, competitiveness, learning curve, ISO/TS1694