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Xinqiao Wang

Diplômé DBA - 2012

Titre de thèse

The Business Model of Online Community based Software Development: An Action Research


Jie Yan
The software industry, lying at the core of the information industry, has already grown into a focal point for competition among countries. Now the developing Chinese software industry is faced with problems such as small scale, poor capacity of technological innovation, and lack of competitive strength in the world, which inhibit it from growing strong. The business model of virtual online community based software development is essentially an open innovation model using and effectively concentrating dispersed resources on the internet to form a powerful software development capacity. Therefore, a deep exploration into the business model of online community-based software development is of great theoretical and practical significance for the development of the Chinese software industry. This thesis took the software development practices by misuland.com as a case for the research and applied the qualitative research method to make concrete and profound analysis of demands on the Chinese software market, human resources and needs for new development models; expatiate on the characteristics and feasibility analysis of online community-based software development model; and put forward a corresponding software development model that was proven in practice. In order to further assess the business model, this thesis tracked, examined, and appraised several cases of typical projects and rethought the results. Finally, the feasibility and effectiveness of the business model were demonstrated by these cases and what to be improved was pointed out. The innovations of the thesis include: the online community-based software development model from the perspective of the open innovation theory, which is an innovative model integrating the advantages of open source community, online crowdsourcing software development, and in-house research; the software component library for the online community and a newly constructed component library; and the business model of community-based software development including the specific plan of realization and the profit-making mode and the actual operations and profitability were proven in the action research in the case of misuland.com.