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Xiangjun Ma

Diplômé DBA - 2014

Titre de thèse

Knowledge Management’s influence on the Product Quality, via the mediator Team Maturity, and moderated by Decentralization. An empirical research in the context of Heavy Industrial’s production locali


Qunhong Shen

Xiangjun Ma has more than 20 years’ working experience in localized MNCs from mainly in the United States and the EU in China’s mainland. He has held leadership positions in production management, operation management, project management, and others. His main research area is knowledge  management regarding the human resources cultural conflict, management system difference, and product quality consistency.

Many MNCs localized production subsidiaries are facing the PQ (product quality) and management problems in China due to the environment complexity and uncertainty. Management theorists and practitioners alike also have called for good quality performance in the global/local competition for the localized productions. In addition, PQ has also received considerable attention as critical to securing sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace. While, the quality labeled with “Made in China” is still facing challenge, even it is produced by the famous MNCs localized subsidiaries which often advocate the world class manufacturing tactics , such as lean production and six-sigma methodology. This kind of approach is wide accepted and mainly focus on the process management which is taken as granted for the product quality problems solving, while KM initiatives has been ignored . The researcher specifies the heavy industrial because of its high product value to customers in this dissertation. This dissertation reviews the quality philosophy first, and concluded the TQM as the foundation for most quality management practice .Based on TQM, Quality culture ,CI and SCM are thought as the key perspectives as well as factors that might influence the product quality .But in the context of MNCs production localization ,they all cannot be set up properly by the practitioners ;literatures about TQM implicitly points to the management of knowledge .ISO QMS also discloses the tacit knowledge and process management as two key points support the quality development .Good management of tacit knowledge and process management means to the knowledge storage , knowledge creation and knowledge sharing ,etc. In a systematic and process view as ISO QMS advocated, the researcher concluded the KM is the main factor that might influence the PQ performance. At the same time, how the KM influence the PQ in the context of heavy industrial production localization in China is still very much unclear! Furthermore, to have a deep insight of the product quality made in China, KM initiatives have gained popularity in organizations recently in organization socialization and cultural conflict resolving in the context of MNCs globalization.