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Stephen Alfred

Diplômé DBA - 2010

Titre de thèse

What Influences Film Industry Mangers to Select a Location: Antecedents to Brand Selection.


John Lambert
This research began by stating the research question and subsequent questions regarding the nature of the location selection decision process in the film and television industry in the USA. The concept of corporate branding was introduced for the purpose of drawing relevant connections between the aims of the corporate entity and the state, seeking to redefine itself as a means of economic growth and development in comparatively uncertain times. The film industry was examined briefly from a global standpoint as select countries were identified that have made strides in increasing their creative and economic presence in the world. Of note, co-production agreements and international coproduction treaties were discussed, as was the mutual benefit to countries choosing to engage in these types of agreements. The increased interest on the part of film producers and production companies in the USA to do business with countries such as France on the cutting edge of these agreements was also discussed. The film industry in the U.S.A., the backdrop on which the phenomena under examination occurs, was further explained from an historical perspective. Louisiana, a state that has been successful in the industry over a mere eight-year period, was examined in brief; other states that have achieved varying measures of success in this regard were identified, with supporting data provided. Additionally, some areas of concern were briefly discussed.