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Shin Dong Min

Diplômé DBA - 2014

Titre de thèse

The role of customer involvement in new product innovativeness and performance - A focus on chemical products in the B-to-B industry Chair: Jie Yan.


John Lambert
Innovation and new product development are highly regarded as key growth strategies in order to capture market opportunities and meet customer demands in the context of an increasingly competitive environment and radical market dynamics. Innovation, market orientation, and customer involvement are assumed as critical factors for new product success and are linked to a company’s business success. Many scholars have concluded that customer involvement plays a key role in understanding market needs and is key to the success of any innovation; however; there is no clear indication of the kinds of involvement or the extent of involvement that promotes product innovation and product performance on industrial products in the B-to-B industry. The key question in this study is ‘What kind of and how much customer involvement promotes and restrains new product innovativeness and performance?’. The basic research objective was to provide a correlational analysis of customer involvement, innovativeness, and performance of new product development and to determine the kind of customer involvement that promotes or restrains product innovation and performance. The survey sample for this study was drawn from the company database of new product management, and identified a total of 122 available projects and finalized 101 projects for the target survey. The survey in this study consisted of two steps: the pilot survey and the main survey via the internet survey tool, Survey Monkey.com. The final survey consisted of 44 questions in 5 different categories using the Likert response scale. The final collected data set was 83 (82% of the total population) and this data set was 4.5 confidence interval at 95% confidence level. A total of 24 hypotheses were developed, and hypothesis testing was performed using the multiple regression method. The findings of this study exhibited that customer involvement on product development does indeed promote product innovativeness but co-working and joint development does not increase product performance. Many organizations are currently looking for partnership and so-called “open innovations,” but the goal of these activities must be clear in order for joint developments and co-working to promote iii product innovativeness and performance. Further studies on the role of co-working and joint development regarding product development would be very valuable under the recent environment of strategy development such as open innovation. There were no significant effects of customer involvement on each developing stage of product innovativeness and product performance.