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Shaoxiong Chen

Diplômé DBA - 2018

Titre de thèse

The R&D collaboration network in a Shanghai Zhangjiang pharmaceutical industrial cluster: a research from social network perspective


Yu Xiubao
Purpose This study is aimed to analyze the effects of the characteristics of network size and position, etc, of Shanghai Zhangjiang pharmaceutical industrial cluster on organizational innovation ability by using social network theory, explore cooperation tendency and innovation of various organizations as well as organizational cooperation mode and innovation, etc, in different R&D stages. Design/methodology/approach Starting from literature study and empirical study, based on the data of cooperation projects of 323 organizations from 2009 to 2013 after systematic collation, a quantitative study is carried out by referring to related study models and optimizing them according to China’s characteristics. Findings The study verifies that:(1) There is significant positive correlation between the cooperation size and centrality of network position of Zhangjiang industrial cluster network and organizational innovation ability, also between network structural holes and organizational innovation ability, and the above correlations vary with different industry types and ownerships of the organizations;(2) There is certain cooperation tendency for the organizations, which also varies with different industry types and ownerships of the organizations;(3) The organizational cooperation mode in different R&D stages shows dynamic hierarchy structures, in a pattern with universities and scientific research institutions in leading position, pharmaceutical enterprises as whole-course participants, and hospitals as clinical principal. Research limitations/implications Due to insufficient experiences of the researcher and insufficient data, etc, the sample size can be enlarged from time dimension in the future, and subsequent in-depth study can be carried out by taking into account of macroscopic policies, etc, from the perspective of the evolvement of network structure characteristics and organizational innovation ability and interaction of organizational cooperation network. Practical implications (1) The organization should build cooperation network adapted to its own orientation and role, and manage well the composition of cooperation network mode in different drug R&D stages to increases its own innovation ability; (2) The government should accelerate the cultivation of leading role of pharmaceutical enterprises in drug R&D cooperation network to promote the construction and perfection of drug innovation system in China; (3) It is necessary to provide template for the evaluation system of organizational innovation ability. Originality/value This study applies western study theory in specific environment of China and provides examples and evidence of China’s pharmaceutical innovation network for social network theory study; it also innovatively proposes and studies in details the cooperation network mode, role and position of the organizations in different industry types in different drug R&D stages, which not only conforms to the hot spots and trends of social network study, but also is innovative to an extent. Keywords social network; innovation ability; organization; drug R&D; Zhangjiang pharmaceuticals.