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Ruoqian Yang

Diplômé DBA - 2020

Titre de thèse

Impact of Customer-to-Customer Interaction (CCI) on Customer’s Purchase Behavior in E-Commerce----Take Amazon China as a Case Analysis


Chirag Patel
This study puts forwards a multi-angle model for studying the effect of customer interaction on customer’s purchasing intention. By analyzing the theoretical research between cognitive interaction and emotional interaction of customers, this paper introduces the moderating effect of product involvement on customer interaction and customer purchasing intention, and constructs a research model to explore the association between customer purchase intention and customer interaction activities from two perspectives including cognitive interaction and emotional interaction factors. Empirical analysis of customer interaction in Chinese E-commerce is carried out, and targeted management optimization recommendations are proposed.Nine hypotheses were tested using 1,000 copies of questionnaires, and the data were quantitatively analyzed by regression analysis and factor analysis.(1) Customer-to-customer cognitive interaction has a significant negative effect on customer perceived risk; (2) Customer-to-customer emotional interaction has a considerable negative effect on customer perceived risk; (3) Customer perceived risk has a significant negative effect on customer purchase intention; (4) Customer cognitive interaction has a considerable positive impact on customer purchase intention; (5) Customer emotional interaction has a significant positive effect on customer purchase intention.Due to the author’s level of research ability and time limitation, there are still deficiencies in this research. (1)Limitations of the samples; (2) Limitations of the proposed theoretical model; (3) Limitations of the universality of the study results.This study establishes the relationship among customer interaction, customer perceived risk, product involvement and customer purchase intention. Based on the test method of intermediary variables, this study further investigates the intermediary role of perceived risk between customer interaction and customer purchase intention, which embodies certain significance of exploration.This study points out how to polish the design of Chinese E-commerce websites and enhance the introduction of products from the viewpoint of marketing enterprises and customers, thus promoting the purchase intention and predicting the purchase behavior of customers to a certain degree.The majority of the researches on customer interaction are conducted under the context of Western culture, but few results are concluded under the context of Chinese culture, especially the empirical researches on customer interaction. Studying the influence of customer interaction on customer behavior in the network can supplement the lack of empirical research concerning customer interaction under Chinese background. Keywords: Online Shopping, Customer to Customer interaction, Risk Perception, Purchase intention