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Rola Chami-Externe

Diplômé DBA - 2012

Titre de thèse

Talent Management: A Key Driver for Employees’ Commitment Contribution and Intention to Stay.


Jean-Jacques Chanaron-Externe
Entrepreneurial spirit is more than ever a central preoccupation for players on the economic, social, political and educational scene. Many French people are considering the possibility of setting up their own business, as show the higher levels of participation in entrepreneurship fairs “salons des entrepreneurs”, as well as the increase in the number of training courses on offer and amount of information available on setting up a business. However, considering the possibility of setting up a business does not necessarily lead to total commitment on part of the potential entrepreneur (Bruyat, 1993). A number of individuals do not go beyond the consultation stage and give up on their project, be it definitively or temporarily. Our research starts with the following observations: - The works of Bruyat (1993) leave room to consider an improved form of coaching for entrepreneurial project bearers; - The concept of commitment in social sciences has not yet been used in the field of entrepreneurship. This research uses the works of Bruyat (1993), Fayolle (2001), Charitat (2005) and Kiesler’s theory of commitment (1971), reused by Joule and Beauvois (1987). We have created an operational model which satisfies the temporal dimensions of spontaneity of practice and exclusivity of research, and which is transversal to all three concepts of entrepreneurship (Shane and Venkataraman, 2000; Gartner, 1991; Bruyat, 1993). Within the research, the author positions himself as an observer of the entrepreneurial phenomenon, a specific position according to the theory of commitment: an attributor. The outcome of this work is an approach, a method and a tool (On the road to entrepreneurship - Sur la piste de l’entrepreneuriat) which enables the coaching of project bearer during the entrepreneurial process.