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Rebel Hanna

Diplômé DBA - 2012

Titre de thèse

Talent Retention in Lebanese Specialized Banks: How Reducing the Voluntary Turnover Rate Can Improve the Retention of Talents In Lebanese Specialized Banks?


Michel Leberre
The thesis investigated the voluntary turnover in Lebanese specialized banks and examined the causes of turnover and its effects and how it can be mitigated through talent retention strategies. The thesis was based upon statistics and a survey that was implemented and conducted inside Lebanon. The survey, which was in the form of questionnaires, included 56 questionnaires that were completed by employees and 8 questionnaires that were completed by employers. The research indicated that voluntary turnover in specialized banks happens as a result of employees’ dissatisfaction; it also showed that voluntary turnover negatively affects the bank by causing high costs and creating a structural gap and finally proved that reducing the voluntary turnover rate can improve the retention of talents in specialized banks.