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Peng Wu

Diplômé DBA - 2016

Titre de thèse

Why Chinese travel abroad? An Empirical Study Based on Customer Value Theory


Xin'an Zhang
China has a tremendous economy with a large tourism market. With the rapid and healthy development of China’s tourism market, the market has been growing fast and the number of Chinese who travel abroad has been increasing sharply, which is far beyond many researchers’ expectation. China’s tourism market has been increasing averagely by 20% per year in recent years. It is expected that China will become the fourth largest tourist-exporting country on the world in 2020. We can see that there are a lot of Chinese are willing to travel abroad. What’s more, Chinese tourists also have substantial purchasing power. Chinese tourists’ destination, motive and the decision made for traveling are quite different from tourists in other countries, which result in their different arrangement, outcome and appreciation of the traveling. For example, some Chinese tourists likes saving face and showing off. This may involve various reasons like national background, different income, cultural background and advertisement. The reasons deserve research for a better understanding of China’s tourism market to attract more Chinese tourists and provide them better service. The research needs to answer the following question: what is Chinese tourists’ value pursuit and purpose for traveling? What are the characteristics of Chinese tourists’ activities? What lead to their willingness to travel abroad? And how should we explain these phenomena? And more, for the Chinese government and tourism practitioners, what are the demand and influence of Chinese traveling abroad?This innovative study chooses Chinese tourists as subjects. For the first time, this study focus on saving-face and frugality of Chinese tourists. And on this basis, this study researches the decision-making and motivation of Chinese tourists. The purpose of this study is to the regular pattern and characteristics of Chinese tourists’ activities and their decision-making to help regulation authorities to better attract and serve and satisfy Chinese tourists, to better regulate their activities and further develop the market, to provide grounding theories for the guidance of tourism, and to provide some experience that can help consolidate and expand the market in China.Keywords:China tourists traveling abroad face frugality