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Pascal Dey


Professeur Associé au département Homme, Organisations et Société
Doctorate of Philosophy, Sociologie, University of Basel, Institute for Sociology

Domaines d'expertise

  • Changement et Innovation sociales
  • Entrepreneuriat
  • Ethique
  • Innovation Collaborative

Pascal’s (Dr. Sociology, MA Psychology) work focuses on the intersection of entrepreneurship, politics and society. His most recent research uses and combines various social science and humanities literatures to theorize entrepreneuring in relation to, among other things, critical imagination, precariousness, rhythms and the digital. Pascal currently serves as Senior Editor of Organization Studies. 

    • Leadership - Master - Depuis 2017
    • Alternative Qualitative Methods - Doctorat - Depuis 2017
    • Managing People in a Global Context - Master - Depuis 2018
    • Managing People and Organizations - Master - de 2017 à 2017
    • Publishing and Reviewing Successfully - Doctorat - Depuis 2018