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Nicolas Rietsch

Diplômé DBA - 2015

Titre de thèse

How do French companies design, implement and follow up Carbon Management Innovation Strategies?


Philippe Naccache

Nicolas is the founder of Obalys Consulting, a French management consulting firm that helps business leaders challenge their vision of the future and develop innovative business models. Obalys has experience working with clients in numerous industries in various countries. From time to time, Nicolas has served as strategy and business model mentor in startup acceleration programs, on advisory boards of several innovative institutions and as a visiting lecturer at French business schools.

Over the pas decade, the issue of climate change has attracted the attention of an increasing number of business leaders and moved from an environmental issue to a component of contemporary business practices and corporate strategy. Considering (1) that innovation management could enable companies to face the challenges and capture the opportunities related to climate change, and (2) that the capability to effectively design and implement efficient environmental strategies can lead to strategic advantage, it appeared important to identify and understand how companies move Carbon Management Innovation Strategies (CMIS) from the periphery to the core of their organizations. Given the limited theory enabling us to understand how companies manage their CMIS, we adopted an exploratory approach. This research is therefore inductive in nature, and focus on the generation of a CMIS management framework through the use of multiple case studies. Our findings, grounded in theory and practice, presents a structured and detailed overview of the CMIS change process and provides insights regarding the way activities are managed, from the initial wake-up call through the implementation and monitoring of the strategy. At each stage, we identified key activities and captured what we called the “lessons learned”.This research work stimulates discussions among climate change strategy professionals, enrich the existing theory on the topic and constitute a detailed roadmap or a benchmarking tool for practitioners that initiate or develop CMIS. When confronting our management framework to their own organizations, practitioners should however take into account their contextual factors and adapt the model accordingly. Key words: Strategy, Environmental management, Climate change, Carbon management, Management systems, Organizational change, Innovation management, Strategic management, Change management, Management framework