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Nasser Al Hammadi

Diplômé DBA - 2019

Titre de thèse

A mixed methods study of key success factors for project execution in the Oil and Gas industry


Jean-Pierre Bernard
The biggest industrial sector in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the Oil and Gas Industry (the OGI) which is facing serious problems such as low success rates of project implementation and management, more Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) incidents and low satisfaction rates of stakeholders, especially end users. Although delivery of successful projects is a goal for all project managers, failures are common and schedule and cost overruns are frequent in actual practice. Therefore, any deficiencies during the project management process that need identification and subsequent rectification are hidden. Only a systematic study could analyse the specific project situation and identify project success factors (PSF) most relevant to managing, especially performing key roles in achieving success. This study identifies 21 of the most important and relevant PSFs of the OGI in UAE along with the probable impact on projects success. This was accomplished through focus group and contact group discussions, interviews, study surveys and triangulation methods. The top ten Critical Success Factors (CSFs) with very high relevance have been selected through rating process and newly introduced parameters. Five Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of cost, time, quality, HSE and satisfaction are recommended for evaluation of project success in the OGI. The major objective of the study was to supporting all stakeholders (clients, managers, management team members, contractors and subcontractors) in improving their performance in project implementation and increasing their probability of success. These findings will help to improve the OGI, UAE performance by addressing the management of the suggested PSFs. Three new parameters: agreement level, impact level and Mean Rating Level have been identified and are suggested for use in assessing the importance of PSFs through study surveys and the assignment of subsequent ratings to select the most critical success factors, helping future researchers and strengthening the knowledge base of this subject. An appropriate model has been proposed to relate and manage PSFs of four groups during implementation. Keywords: Project Success, Critical Success Factors, Success Factor Groups, Oil and Gas Industry, UAE