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Mohamed Ould Mainatt

Diplômé DBA - 2019

Titre de thèse

The Financial Industry in Mauritania: An Analytical Study of Business Environment and Industry Attractiveness


Virginie Monvoisin
PURPOSE Aiming to contribute in bridging the gap between the academia and practice, the research has twofold concentration. First, offering a comprehensive discussion about the principal characteristics hallmark the business environment in Mauritania. Second, investigating how each of the features of this business environment have influenced the attractiveness, or otherwise, of the financial industry in this country. DESIGN/METHODOLOGY/APPROACH To achieve its objectives, the research adopts the strategy of moving from general to particulars to emphasize the influence of each aspect. It represents the extant theories on the business environment and financial industry before questioning the impacts of the industry internal organization and the managerial implications for each element. The research is exploratory in nature. The research methodology used is mixed but the research approach is qualitative rather than quantitative. FINDINGS The results of this research, yet admixture, were threefold. First, the financial industry represents a serious threat to the political regime stability and, thus, it must be limited within its present parameters. Second, although steadily reporting favorable ROA and ROE, the real obstacle facing this industry is the permanent conflict between it and its business environment. Third, the upmost noteworthy hallmark features this industry is the absence of a well-balanced but customer-oriented strategy. RESEARCH LIMITATIONS This research has two folds of limitations. The first concerned with both the reference-works on Mauritania and the research design. The second, yet most important, related to both the sample size and the data collection procedures. PRACTICAL IMPLICATIONS The financial industry in Mauritania had to be privatized in 1970s, and then to fully liberalized in the early 1990s, mainly because it failed to attract further depositors and mobilize available resources to fund the national economy. To date, this industry could not have penetrated deeper into the national community nor it could have innovated a model of operations that may help to overcome the obstacles connected to the specifics of its business environment. ORIGINALITY/VALUE This research is distinctive not because it is the first research to explore the relationship between the attractiveness or otherwise of the financial industry in Mauritania and its specific business environment, but also because it is the first research talking this issue from the perspectives of strategic management and industrial economics. KEYWORDS Mauritania, business environment, financial industry, industry attractiveness.