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Mohamed Al Muathen

Diplômé DBA - 2018

Titre de thèse

Mobile Service licensing: Exploration and analysis from spectrum management perspective


Fernando Lagrana
Safwan Mchawrab
Purpose: To investigate the current licensing procedures that are adopted in practice, and to develop a set of guidelines to the regulators in accordance with the economic principles, with a focus on the mobile service. To achieve that, we focus in this thesis on three main pillars: license assignment, license pricing, and license conditions.Design: In this research, “The Research Onion” model is adopted. Survey and case study are the used research strategies. Questionnaire and interviews have been used.Findings: Pro-active planning is the best practice where the intentions of making more frequencies available are made public. Regulators should be ready for both technology development and market demand, in terms of pricing the spectrum and choosing the suitable assignment method. Analysis has revealed that the majority of the responding countries prefer or use market mechanisms.Research limitations/implications: Not all survey questions are answered in details and references provided to the legal texts which in several cases are not available in English. Several responding countries use benchmarking for setting predetermined spectrum fees and the methods vary. Practical implications: The collected data from 22 countries has shown several interesting findings. Changing the spectrum pricing required the change of either telecom law or the regulations in most countries. Moreover, in most countries, the market demand and technology development are found to be main triggers for initiating a cellular spectrum allocation. Originality/value: The challenges associated with spectrum licensing were found to vary from one country to another. The market demand and technological developments are the drivers on the regulator to make more spectrum available.Keywords: Spectrum management, spectrum license, spectrum economics, spectrum fees. Paper Category: Thesis