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Ming Xu

Diplômé DBA - 2013

Titre de thèse

a study on customer loyalty in industrial product market from the perspective of relational embeddedness


Minghai Ye
With the acceleration of production factors flowing between countries, competition between companies has become much fiercer. In commercial practices, customer loyalty cultivation has become a new focus for profit growth. Meanwhile, with the emergence of problems in channels, business practitioners and academics have re-understood the meanings of channels. In traditional marketing management, channels bridge gaps and play the role of media between manufacturers and end users. Therefore, both channel management and channel research are from the perspective of manufacturers. This perspective not only makes channels unstable and cost more, but also hinders companies to expand new markets. Innovation theory in channel management focuses on long-term behavior, and emphasizes that companies should not only allocate limited resources reasonably, but also improve loyalty of channel member through forming friendly, close, long-term, and beyond pure transaction relationships with all kinds of customers. Many scholars have studied customer loyalty deeply, however, most of studies focus on consumer product market, and ordinary consumer is their major research object. Few studies focus on customer loyalty in industrial product market. As a result, I studied customer loyalty in industrial product market, and chose a typical industry- steel industry –as my research contextual background.