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Mark Olsthoorn


Diplômé PHD
Professeur Assistant

Domaines d'expertise

  • Adoption des innovations
  • Approche Systémique
  • Développement durable
  • Economie et management technologique

Assistant professor at GEM in Energy Management, Technology and Strategy. He failed to become an airline pilot and studied aerospace engineering instead. However, the sky has limits and he went to work for a sustainability resultancy in Amsterdam. Then worked at the University of Maryland's Center for Integrative Environmental Research. He came to France three years later and embarked on an academic track as a PhD student with GEM’s Energy Team, where he’s stayed ever since. At GEM, Mark teaches quantitative methods and researches ways to promote lean and clean energy. He lives in Grenoble with his wife and son and loves to bike and hike.

    • Managerial Economics - Master - de 2013 à 2014
    • Quantitative Methods - Master - Depuis 2016
    • Quantitative Methods - Licence - Depuis 2018