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Luhai Xu

Diplômé DBA - 2009

Titre de thèse

Factors Influencing Employees Working Motivation in Mainland China: Culture values and relational exchange


Charles-Clemens Rüling
This thesis presents an analysis of the hospitality industry in Hong Kong. Tourism in China has experienced continuous growth, especially as a result of some key international events such as the Olympic Games and the world expo. This study focuses particularly on increasing hotel room demand and its effect on the need for skilled labor who can accommodate the influx of tourists. The shortage of skilled and qualified people has increased human resource costs for many hospitality firms. This thesis therefore considers service quality and its linkages with “face people” who deliver service on the front lines. Most prior research is based in Western cultural experiences, so this study investigates the applicability of Western approaches to motivating employees in a Chinese context. This study combines both qualitative and quantitative methodologies to answer questions about the motivation of front-line employees in the hospitality industry. The results reveal no substantial effects of the motivational preferences of Chinese employees. Similar to Western employees, Chinese employees are interested in salaries, job stability, job autonomy, and accomplishment. However, some differences emerge, related to the working environment and the relationship between superiors and subordinates.