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Junpeng Feng

Diplômé DBA - 2015

Titre de thèse

The research on the growth mechanism of spin-off enterprises in industrial cluster


Zhengping Fu

Dr. Feng Junpeng has previously studied and graduated from three universities (Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Nanjing University, and Jinan University). He has gained work experience in state-owned enterprises, the government sector, private enterprises, and foreign-owned enterprises and is very familiar with China’s political, civil, and commercial affairs. After he gained a DBA from Grenoble Ecole de Management, he launched and became a managing partner of a new enterprise.

In terms of the formative process of spin-off and its relationship with enterprise performance, researches in the academia have formed a variety of points of view. But these studies, especially empirical study, are mainly based on the Western background, lack of exploration and inspection in the context of China, thus this paper is dedicated to conducting research under the background of industrial clusters, including interviews and investigation of spin-off in the industry clusters, designing measurement scales of the growth of spin-off, making the empirical contrastive research on the relationship between entrepreneurial orientations of the spin-off and its growth performance, thus attaining its growth mechanism laws. With expectations of inspection and discussion on theory both domestic and overseas, at the same time, certain theoretical basis has to be provided for the elevation of the overall competitiveness of industrial clusters in our country and entrepreneurial practices of small and medium-sized enterprises. Employing the ideas of combining multiple research methods (interview, case and questionnaire), by means of advantage and complementarity of various research methods, the research demonstrates profoundly and systematically the development of spin-off in the industry clusters and its relationship with enterprise performance. This paper puts forward theory on research of growth mechanism of spin-off in industry clusters on the basis of literature research, making an analysis of content contained in the growth of the spin-off in industrial clusters on the foundation of open investigation and interview, revising the pre-test questionnaire of growth mechanism of spin-off from the vantage of maturity scale combined with the practice in the case study, inspecting the interaction between entrepreneurial orientations of the spin-off and its parent enterprise, as well as validity and reliability of characteristics in a cluster environment through small sample tests, and thus determines formal questionnaire by revising related items, questionnaire distributed on a large scale to tens of industrial clusters in Guangdong province, relevant survey data collected, thereby inspecting and studying ideas in multiple aspects by virtue of statistical analysis conclusion. The conclusions are: Entrepreneurial orientation of spin-offs in industrial clusters has significant positive effect on the growth performance;? The impact of entrepreneurial orientation of spin-off in industrial clusters on its growth performance is affected by the entrepreneurial atmosphere of local industrial cluster, rather than the support from local government and the present situation of intellectual property protection;