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Johnny Chaanine

Diplômé DBA - 2015

Titre de thèse

What are the differences between the different categories of IS users and their job satisfaction and how are these mediated by IS usage? The case of the healthcare system in the Lebanon


Bassem Pollin-Externe

Johnny Chaanine is an assistant professor at both Notre Dame University and the Lebanese University. He is also an Oracle-certified engineer, holding a doctorate degree in Management Information Technology from Grenoble Ecole de Management, France. He has several publications and has contributed chapters in books targeting management information technology, organization behavior and emotional intelligence, and customer behavior and marketing aspects.

This doctoral research was conducted in order to gain insight between the demographic variables from one side and employee job satisfaction inside the healthcare organizations mainly those using IS. As technology is becoming the core of daily operations being used at workplace especially hospitals, this research is testing the impact of demographic variables among IS users in healthcare facilities. Based on reviewing the literature a model was generated and tested using quantitative research techniques. The research included 282 usable questionnaire form different hospitals all over the country (Lebanon) having 25.7% male respondents and 74.3% female respondents. The findings support the importance of demographic variables on users using IS technology in Lebanese industries and mainly in the healthcare organizations showing the importance of perceived training, user participation, and technology acceptance of the system on employee’s satisfaction at workplace. Key words: information system, hospitals, Lebanon, Gender job satisfaction, training, user participation.