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John Lambert

Diplômé DBA - 2006

Titre de thèse

Economic & Management factors affecting the adoption of presentation technology by law firms


Leslie Klieb
In the United States, attorneys on both sides of criminal and civil litigation have the right to employ expert witnesses; in most cases, they also have the right to request a jury trial. At the time of this research, attorneys had just begun using Microsoft PowerPoint and other electronic slideshows, as well as document management systems, which prompted some hesitancy by attorneys and the courts regarding this transition from conventional enlarged photographs, models, and maps. This research therefore seeks answers to two key questions: 1. What perceptions influence decisions by attorneys to adopt technologies? 2. What are the issues, variables, and influences that matter to microbusinesses run by entrepreneurs who, when they decide to adopt a new technology for their businesses, are also the people who must use it? The Louisiana State Bar Association backed this research, and the 2004 Louisiana State Bar Association Legal Technology Survey served as the research instrument. The technology acceptance model provided the primary theoretical basis. Most of the 487 surveys were completed in actual courtrooms throughout the State of Louisiana, USA. Respondents who use computers recreationally and socially, as well as in their businesses, are more likely to adopt computer presentation technology. This research also shows that perceptions of its cost and usefulness influence technology adoptions by small firms.