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Hu Yang

Diplômé DBA - 2018

Titre de thèse

Exploring the impact of EPC project management model on project execution in the Chinese construction industry: a cross case analysis


Qian Shi
Purpose China’s rising economic development has led to international enterprise increasingly establishing domestic production bases and office headquarters within the country. These enterprises seek investment projects that can be completed safely, on time, at low cost and with high quality results. This goal is directly related to the adopted project management models which mainly are the traditional project model and EPC model. This paper investigates the relationship between the different project management models and project execution effects. Design/methodology/approach Based on the elements of research it utilized the qualitative for this research, and also the crossing case study method, during the analysis it chose four cases including Boehringer Ingelheim Taizhou new plant project, GE Aviation Suzhou new plant project, Staubli Hangzhou phase I project and Staubli Hangzhou phase II project. It covers two projects which take advantage of the traditional project model and other ones chose EPC model. Data was collected through documentation and interview methods. Findings By employing single case and comprehensive multiple case analysis, the implementation effect and the relationship between the project management model was found, and through the interview and documentation methods, the relationship between the application scope of the two different project management models were obtained. After analysis, it was concluded there is no direct link between a project management model and project execution effects.Research limitations/implications In the paper it generate the outcome which are different from the current understanding in this industry, but it just chose four cases for the analysis, the more case studies the more persuasive.Practical implications By now almost of the management people in this industry in China has the thinking which the positive project execution effects utilized EPC model, the outcome of this paper would let them deeply thing about the relationship between execution effects and model selection. Also it point out the management selection model from the client perspective, specific project management models are chosen according to the available internal and external resource and the degree of control the project owner expects.Social implications Based on the outcome of this paper there is no direct link between project management model and project execution effects, but it has indirect relationship, there would be more bad impact if client choose the wrong project management model, it impact the environment, economic, safety etc.Originality/value The outcome of this paper is more useful to the people as the new investor or the representative in China, they can have more understanding on the relationship between the execution effects and different models, and have more clear picture on how to select the management model. Keywords Project management model, engineering-procurement-construction, traditional management model, project execution effects, management model selection