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Frances Turner

Diplômé DBA - 2013


Aurelie Merle
Benoit Aubert

Frances Turner, DBA, is a marketing professor with senior management and marketing experience in broadband telecommunications, advertising, non-profit, retail, SME, and entrepreneurial firms. Her teaching and research focuses on mass customization, consumer perceived value, customer experience, satisfaction, loyalty, individual thinking style, and consumer neuroscience. She earned a DBA from Grenoble Ecole de Management, an MBA from the University of Chicago, and AB, cum laude, from Harvard University.

Our empirical study identifies and examines how the consumer’s perception of complexity, control, enjoyment and psychological ownership enhance the consumer’s value of the co-design experience in mass customization (MC), the relationships between the consumer’s perceived costs and benefits of the co-design experience, and how these relationships influence satisfaction with and loyalty to that experience. Though scholars underscore the relationship between MC value, consumer satisfaction, and loyalty, the extant literature fails to study these associations. Through our examination, we ascertain the consumer’s perceived value increases satisfaction with the co-design experience, and that this satisfaction enhances loyalty intentions toward the online MC program. Our empirical research validates the significance of the consumer’s perception of experiential value to the success of MC programs. In addition, utilizing the Situation-Specific Thinking Style (SSTS) scale, we measure the impact of the consumer’s rational and experiential cognition on her perception of value of the MC co-design experience, and demonstrate its influence on the costs and benefits of mass customization. Keywords: mass customization, co-design, consumer experience, consumer satisfaction, loyalty, loyalty intentions, thinking style.