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Bilal Marji

Diplômé DBA - 2014

Titre de thèse

exploring transformational leadership style and its impact on employee's organizational commitment, organizational citizenship and job satisfaction in the Lebanese healthcare sector.


Caroline Straub
Leadership has attracted the interest of scholars from different disciplines, particularly the fields of social sciences and organizational behavior. Several leadership styles have been defined throughout the literature but only two types are the subject of interest of this study, transformational and transactional leadership. In the Arab world and specifically in Lebanon, little has been investigated in this regard and the role of leadership is yet to be recognized. The introduction of the accreditation system to Lebanese hospitals in 2001 obligated the study of leadership in these institutions since it is a requirement for successful implementation of the accreditation process. In this study, I aimed at exploring the transformational leadership style and its impact on employees’ organizational commitment, organizational citizenship behavior and job satisfaction. Four Lebanese hospitals were included in the study. A total of 245 questionnaires were collected from these hospitals and included in the statistical analysis. Results show that the transformational leadership style along with the corresponding constructs (individual consideration, inspirational motivation, idealized influence attributes and idealized influence behaviors) have an impact on employees’ organizational citizenship behavior (OCB), organizational commitment and job satisfaction. Implications of the findings for practice will be discussed in later sections of the study. Keywords: transformational leadership, individual consideration, inspirational motivation, idealized influence attribute, idealized influence behavior, organizational citizenship behavior, organizational commitment, job satisfaction.