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Betty Birkenmeier

Diplômé DBA - 2011

Titre de thèse

The Relationship between Training and Trust in Supervisor and Job Performance: An examination of front line employees in the banking industry.


Pierre-Yves Sanseau
The purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between the training a front line employee receives, the trust an employee has in their immediate supervisor, and an employee’s job performance. Data were collected from 457 employees holding customer contact positions at banks (community and regional) located in several states in the southern part of the United States. In the service sector, it is important that employees receive the appropriate training so that they can perform their jobs well. These employees are the critical link between the organization and its customers. However, according to the literature, not much is known about the techniques used to improve the performance of front line employees. Furthermore, the literature also indicates that while trust has been the focus of many studies over the last twenty years, there are not very many studies that have examined trust from the perspective that the development of trust is affected by human resource activities. These two gaps in the literature are examined in this study. Findings from the study indicate that there is a strong correlation between the training an employee receives and job performance. It was also found that there is a strong correlation between the perceptions an employee has of their supervisor and the trust the employee has in their supervisor. Furthermore, it was found that trust in a supervisor is moderately correlated with job performance. By placing trust in a supervisor in the black box, this study has helped to identify one component that needs to be present in order for human resource activities to result in higher job performance.