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Bahige Chaaban

Diplômé DBA - 2019

Titre de thèse

Critical Factors Influencing End-User Training in the Implementation of Information Systems: A Case Study of “Gamma” Bank in Lebanon


Esther Sleilati-Externe
Although the number of firms changing the Information System (IS) in the global and Lebanese markets is constantly on the rise, the scarcity of international studies and lack of Lebanese studies appraising the impact of the end-users’ factors on the training success and consequently, on the IS implementation success are all disconcerting. Consequently, this study aspires towards bridging the gap between the end-users and the newly implemented system in the Lebanese Banking sector. To attain this goal, a literature review was carried out to elucidate the factors that influence the IS implementation success, and to extract those related to the end-users’ theoretical link to the training and IS implementation. Then, an exploratory case study was conducted through an open-ended questionnaire targeting five groups, the trainers, middle managers, upper managers, vendors and consultants in the Lebanese banking sector. A focus group was also conducted with the trainers to enrich the study. The conclusion is that the impact of the end-users’ factors (end-user literacy, end-user resistance, and end-user involvement) is highly linked to the end-users’ training and to the IS implementation. The more the user uses the system, the more it helps in the progress of literacy levels, reduces resistance, and facilitates the IS implementation. Also, the end-user literacy is unimportant in such a context with a light impact on training and IS implementation success. Moreover, the relation between training and IS implementation success is perceived differently among the five groups.Keywords: IS implementation, training success, end-user involvement, end-user resistance to change, end-user computer skills, end-user literacy, end-user training, project management, project planning.