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Angela Whiteside

Candidat DBA

Titre de thèse

What makes cultural exposure events transformational to an individual's cross-culture competence in and international outsourcing environment?


Barthelemy Chollet

I am embarking on my DBA after completing a BS in Astrophysics, a Master of Research in Innovative Manufacturing, an MBA and an MS in Global Supply Chain Management. After an early career in aerospace engineering and management, I now run my own engineering consultancy company, KickStage Consulting.

Research topic :

I aim to better quantify determinants of successful manufacturing outsourcing to middle- and low-income nations. My broad surveying of US and Western-based companies that have embarked on production outsourcing processes aims to establish statistical links between managerial inputs to an outsourcing venture and the resultant "success" With a strong foundation in science and engineering management, I am a very data-driven person and I enjoy using statistical analysis tools to augment business operations. I am very active in philanthropy and wish to use this research to contribute to advances in the developing world.